Franklin Innovation Challenge

Sponsored by Franklin & Marshall’s Entrepreneurship Club   

Franklin Innovative Challenge

2011 Winning Entries

Franklin Innovation Challenge Prizes in 2011 (Prizes increased for 2012 and to top 4 Finalists!)

First Place  - $1,250
Second Place - $750
Third Place - $250 

Environmental Sustainability

First Place: Zach Foster ’11 and An Tran’11 (Sustainable Institute Consulting)
Second Place: Kevin Sonnet ’13, Alec Regulinski ’13, Dong Joo (Mike) Shin ’13 and Mike Sisco ’13 (Co-Generation Plant) 
Third Place: Klariobaldo Zavala ’14 (Alternative Energy)

Improving F&M

First Place: Nicole Martino ’12, Ahmed Shaishab ’11 and Steve Tolliver ’11 (Shades of Green Tree Farm) 
Second Place: Bradford Greaves ’15 (Grown Here) 
Third Place: Dipti Balwani ’11 and Aradhana Mahtani ’12 (International Mentoring)

Social Entrepreneurship 

First Place: Eloisa Almaraz ’11, Christine Vaughan ’11, Julia MacDonald ’13, Melissa Sandoval ’13 and Tiffany Lockridge ’13 (Gallery of Hope) 
Second Place: Madison Kille ’11 and Kim Trageser ’14 (English as a Second Language Program for Lancaster’s Refugees)
Third Place: Adrian Heredia ’11, Argemira Florez ’13 and Mandy Tsang ’11 (Friends for Friends)

Open Category

First Place: Eric Feinberg ’11 and Justin Thacker ’11 (FirstStep Investment Partnership) 
Second Place: Matthew Woods ’12, Georgi Dochev ’12 and Hristo Mitrovsky ’11 (You Drink We Drive) 
Third Place: Alex Gao ’12, Curzio Okado ’12, Shane Zhao ’13 and Steve Rosso ’11 (Lancaster Community Owned Restaurant)